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As VideoGlobetrotter aired its premiere episode on Lifetime, caught up with host Scott Eddy to talk about the new luxury travel show produced by BrandStar. Forbes delves into what led Scott’s entry into the travel world, and gives background on the creation of the VideoGlobetrotter series. The premiere episode of VGT takes viewers on a whirlwind trip around the …

Scott Eddy Spices it Up in Picturesque Grenada

Scott Eddy Spices it Up in Picturesque Grenada Scott’s final stop on his Caribbean tour is Grenada, known as the Spice Island of the Caribbean. Nearly 200,000 tourists visit Grenada per year to swim in the Caribbean's longest pool or soak in the sun at one of the island's beautiful resorts. While in Grenada, Scott visits the luxurious, beachside Calabash [...]

LIAT Airline: Connecting You to the Caribbean

LIAT Airline: Connecting You to the Caribbean Next on the trip, Scott takes a LIAT Airline flight to picturesque Antigua, originally settled as the site of sugar plantations and rum distilleries and now known as a culinary destination. Scott talks with LIAT's Julie Reifer-Jones, who discusses the 64-year-old airline's important standing as a connection between the many Caribbean islands. Today, [...]

Scott Eddy Enjoys the Food, Scenery and Culture of Trinidad

Scott Eddy Enjoys the Food, Scenery and Culture of Trinidad Scott's first stop on his tour through Caribbean paradise takes us to the beautiful dual islands of Trinidad and Tobago. The VGT team arrives just one day after the annual celebration of Carnival, an event well known for participants' colorful costumes and exuberant celebrations. Carnival originated in Trinidad and Tobago [...]


Experience an Awesome Caribbean Adventure on the Premiere Episode of VideoGlobetrotter Scott Eddy Takes You on a Tropical Tour It's finally here! The premiere episode of VideoGlobetrotter takes you on a whirlwind trip around the Caribbean. Join your host and tour guide Scott Eddy as he visits the vibrant region of over 700 islands that beckon the tropical traveler to [...]


Each episode airs recurrently for three months, beginning with the initial national airing on Lifetime After the initial airing on Lifetime, each episode is distributed nationally, airing more than 150 times in syndication. View Syndication List In addition, each segment is promoted on its own Video Page and Brand Landing Page on the VGT site for up to a year, as [...]

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National BroadcastLifetimeSyndicationHotel SyndicationMarketingNext StepsNational Broadcast LIFETIME BROADCAST Video Globetrotter is a "by invitation only" program. If selected, the Video Globetrotter television series will include a company in a branded feature integration as part of a 30-minute program. The feature will air a minimum of two (2) times on Lifetime Television Network weekday mornings at 7:30 AM ET/PT. NATIONAL SYNDICATION The [...]

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To help your company get the word out about your involvement with Video Globetrotter, we have put together a few items that will help you get started. Any use of this material must be submitted to Video Globetrotter for approval prior to use. Please contact your Project Manager directly for approvals on promotional materials. Logos & Marks General Guidelines Logos [...]