Best pizza

I will travel anywhere for great Pizza. Yes, Chicago has good pizza but the best pizza I ever had was in a small town a few miles outside Trenton NJ. My friend and were driving back from Atlantic City ( where we made some cash)-we saw a small strip center a few miles outside the Trenton City limits., we were hungry and in a great mood so we pulled into an open spot. I Think the town was called Hightstown. Anyway, we went inside this small pizza parlor and ordered a plain cheese pizza and a couple of cold ones. Let me say this,look, I have had Pizza from all-over the USA. My favorite food is Pizza. Brooklyn, New York, Chicago, Philly, Miami, Miami Beach, Frisco, Boston, you name it I ‘ve tried the Pizza in not just one but several places in each city all known for “Their Pizza”. But never, I promise you have i had a better pie than the one I had in the liitle parlor in a strip center somewhere in Hightstown NJ.

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