Business or pleasure?

When I mention to people that I am going to be traveling, the first question I am asked is “business or pleasure”? My response is always “both”. I don’t think of my time that way. I never have. When I was younger, I was not the type to study in the library or even at a desk. I would study while relaxed in a comfortable reclining chair –that way I didn’t feel as if I were “studying”or “working”. Psychologically that worked for me. I was more relaxed and that allowed me to do well. Some of that must have carried through as an adult. I recently took a fabulous cruise overseas. I was with some members of my team and yes, we discussed business. We also relaxed, laughed, and came back rejuvenated and refreshed. We even managed to accomplish a lot of planning while poolside. To the dismay of my team, not every company meeting comes with sunny weather and tropical drinks with umbrellas, but it’s good to know we can brainstorm successfully outside the boardroom. I overheard someone ask a VGT team member if she was away on business or pleasure. Her response? “Both”. Gotta love that.

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