Enjoy Travel…On Purpose

I was recently interviewed for an article on traveling with purpose. It got me thinking about traveling beyond sun and sand. Finding a sense of purpose while traveling (or anytime) starts with the right attitude and keeping an open mind. Travel offers so much opportunity to enrich one’s life if you are open to it.

Take in the cultural differences. Eat, shop and live as a native not as a tourist. Speak to as many people as possible to gain insight first hand about the destination and lifestyle. Set goals: Knowing what you want to get out of your travels will help you accomplish those goals. For example, be aware of what knowledge or personal growth you hope to gain from the experience and have a plan how you will achieve that. Create a list of what you want to see. This will keep you organized and focused. Use travel as an opportunity to learn about yourself as well as the destination. What are some things you do to help you travel with purpose?

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