What’s on Your Plate?

When I think about my travels, going as far back to family vacations growing up, I have fond memories of …food!

There is something about traveling and food that go together, well, like peanut butter and jelly. Sure, those family ski trips in Vermont were lots of fun, but what I remember most about them is stopping at the drive-thru for a soft serve ice cream cone with “jimmies” (sprinkles) on the way there and home.

Like most people I associate food with celebrations and good times. Some people say scent evokes a memory. For me, food does as well. Food connects us to people and places. While I like to visit new places and try new things when traveling. I also make time to visit my favorite restaurants, cafes or bakery. It becomes somewhat of a tradition. My dad stops at his favorite deli in NYC whenever he is in town and orders a pastrami sandwich and ginger ale…every single time. My husband makes a certain small town ice cream store his first stop when we visit friends near Boston. It just wouldn’t be the same without it. It’s not only because the food is so good- after all we do have ice cream and pastrami here, it is that we have come to associate those establishments with the places we visit and an essential part of our itinerary.

In addition to enjoying old favorites, I think part of the adventure of traveling is trying new foods. It allows you to connect with the culture. Whether it is a fine delicacy or simply fresh fruits and vegetables from a local market, food adds to the experience of travel. Each destinations has its own cooking style and regional food that are must haves to try  during your visit. Granted, some regional foods may be an acquired taste, but that is all part of the adventure.

So tell me- what’s cooking? What city have you visited that stands out as memorable for its food? Have you discovered a new dish or certain type of food? Maybe a favorite restaurant?

  1. Julie Lee says:

    Food is a big part of my travels. I love seeking out new things to try and love finding neat little local spots. What I love is when the locals mistake me for a local! I agree with you that food connects us to people and places. I think if you aren’t trying the local cuisine, then you aren’t fully experiencing the local destination. I really try to enjoy and appreciate each and every place I visit. It’s hard for me to pick favorites!

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