Germany and India: Here we GO!

From the moment you get the chance to travel, please do it!. I had the opportunity to travel with my husband. He works for Lufthansa, and we can travel anywhere in the world. We just came back from New Delhi, India and Frankfurt, Germany. Indian food has very rich flavors, curry, lots of spices and delicious sweets. If you have the opportunity to go yes do it!. Hotel Regency Hyatt is one of the finest hotel in New Delhi. Their staff and their comfort is top of the line. At the airport you can find lots of souvenirs, porcelain elephants, buddhas, pashmiers. fragrances, sweets, etc. Frankfurt offers a total modern life. We also  visited Cologne, please take the time and visit Cafe Rico Restaurant, the food is AMAZING!.
Pizza!Salads, tapas, wraps! and of course don’t forget a good German beer and sausage!

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