Do I Know You?

Recently we started a feature on our Facebook page where we spotlight a fan. We write about the person, their interests and interesting facts. I realized I know a lot about you guys even though we have not yet met face to face. I appreciate that you share things about yourself and include me and the VideoGlobetrotter team in your life. How fun it is to get to know you and have you be part of my day! At VideoGlobetrotter we don’t sell anything, we don’t have customers. We have friends who share a passion for fun, travel and good times. Our social media is a great way to build on those friendships. We take trips together, have give aways and get aways, play games and share thoughts. So- do I know you yet? If we haven’t “met” please stop by and say hi on Facebook, twitter and through this blog. If you are one of the many people I have had the pleasure of getting to know through social media, I’ll speak to you soon! – Jill Liberman

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