Lost luggage? Make lemonade

I’m a big believer in not sweating the small stuff. With that said, no one wants unnecessary surprises especially when it comes to traveling. We can’t always control circumstances but we can try to plan for them. That’s why I’m going to share with you what I consider THE best tip ever when it comes to traveling. Drumroll please…

o.k. Here it is: share your suitcase. What, you may wonder, is so fabulous about that? Well. If an airline loses your luggage that means you pretty much have nothing. No toothbrush, no socks, no underwear, etc. Now, if you put a few of those essentials in your travel companion’s bag and he or she does that in yours, it makes life a little easier if your luggage does get lost. I love that idea. Plus, you know how it only rains when you aren’t carrying an umbrella? Chances are now that you’re so well prepared just in case your luggage gets lost, it probably won’t. (P.S. Remember medication and anything valuable should always go in your carry on). What’s your favorite trip for travel?

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