• Thumbnail Ah… New Year’s resolutions. How’s that going? So many of us resolve to eat healthier, exercise more and lose some weight. This year, why not resolve to see the world? I know, you’re thinking sounds expensive, […]

  • Thumbnail In my opinion, travel and shopping have a lot in common. Both can be adventures where you never know what you’ll find. They both offer a form of distraction, escape and relaxation. When you combine travel with […]

  • Jill Liberman - Founder of VideoGlobetrotter There is a saying that travel leaves you speechless. True. But on the other hand it gives us so many stories. Now is the time for you to share yours. We all have a story about travel. Maybe it is about a family vacation, a great restaurant you discovered while traveling, a person you met, or even a destination you dream about visiting. Go to  https://www.videoglobetrotter.com/members/travel-stories and tell us your travel story. Feel free to include photos to go with your story. Our travel team will  be selecting stories and we will be giving away prizes at random for some of the posts. So…what’s your story?

  • Jill Liberman - Founder of VideoGlobetrotter

    Jill Liberman – Founder of VideoGlobetrotter

    Ship Ahoy… My parents are celebrating a milestone anniversary this fall (60 years!) so my siblings and I want to do something special. Getting my brothers, sister and I to fully agree on anything isn’t always easy. But when the idea of a family cruise came up – we were all in! The uncles can find  some friendly competition on the basketball courts, with the rest of us cheering them on. The sightseers will enjoy the ship excursions. Those of us who prefer to relax poolside, can. Cruises truly have something for everyone and every budget. We can all look forward to regrouping at dinner and enjoying some family time before we catch a show and try our luck on the slots. Have you ever cruised with your family? Where did you go? Were you celebrating an occasion?  Share your comments below – I would love to hear from you. – Jill

  • Jill Liberman - Founder of VideoGlobetrotter

    Jill Liberman – Founder of VideoGlobetrotter

    There’s a saying that travel turns people into storytellers.

    I recently visited a relative who is in her eighties. She was feeling down and didn’t feel much like talking. Something prompted me to ask her about a trip she took as a child. Suddenly she came to life. The happy expression in her face and joy in her voice lit up the room as she reminisced about her travels. She laughed as she told the stories and got out a photo album (black and white) sharing  those memories with me.

    There’s something about travel that brings out the story teller in all of us. To me, it’s just as much fun listening to someone’s travel story as it is to share my own.

    With that in mind, tell us about YOUR travels. Whether you compose a story for our “You Share” section, or leave a post somewhere else on the site, we want to hear from you. – Jill

  • There’s nothing like a vacation. Many of us think and dream about our next vacation all year. In fact, I know people who plan their next vacation while they’re still enjoying their current one. It gives them something to look forward to. I know people who actually need a vacation just from all the effort they put in to planning one!

    That leads me to two points.

    When planning a trip, take advantage of wonderful resources available online such as https://www.videoglobetrotter.com. You can ask questions, get reviews, see videos and find contact information and direct links to hotels and destinations around the world. It makes travel planning so much easier. After all, even planning a vacation should be fun, not stressful.
    While getting away can be wonderful, there are so many things to do and see in our own backyards. Sometimes a staycation is the perfect choice. There may even be attractions and activities in your own city that you never visited, restaurants you haven’t tried, beaches just waiting for you to enjoy. A perfect staycation may be staying home and doing absolutely nothing but relaxing. Just you, maybe a few carbs and your favorite show. With the money you save, you can start planning your next vacation. -Jill Liberman

  • Recently we started a feature on our Facebook page where we spotlight a fan. We write about the person, their interests and interesting facts. I realized I know a lot about you guys even though we have not yet met face to face. I appreciate that you share things about yourself and include me and the VideoGlobetrotter team in your life. How fun it is to get to know you and have you be part of my day! At VideoGlobetrotter we don’t sell anything, we don’t have customers. We have friends who share a passion for fun, travel and good times. Our social media is a great way to build on those friendships. We take trips together, have give aways and get aways, play games and share thoughts. So- do I know you yet? If we haven’t “met” please stop by and say hi on Facebook, twitter and through this blog. If you are one of the many people I have had the pleasure of getting to know through social media, I’ll speak to you soon! – Jill Liberman

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  • My friend just surprised her husband with a family get away for his birthday. One rule: No cell phones. I think some rules were just made to be broken. For example, we all know (as a general rule), it is not a good idea to speak to strangers. I find people can’t wait to talk to me when I am on vacation. Strangers start conversations at the airport, in cabs, at restaurants, on the street. It’s as if there were a rule for strangers to speak to me when I travel. I have to admit though, I have met some very wonderful and interesting people that way. There are other “rules” people bend while vacationing. For example, indulging in dessert. After all, it is vacation so why not enjoy that apple pie? Not that there is a no hat rule, but people sure do sport lots of floppy hats on vacation that most likely collect dust at home. As for my friend’s vacation? She called me on her cell every day to tell me what a good time she was having 🙂

    What’s your rule that gets broken when you travel?

  • When I mention to people that I am going to be traveling, the first question I am asked is “business or pleasure”? My response is always “both”. I don’t think of my time that way. I never have. When I was younger, […]

  • So many people share with me how travel has changed the way they look at the world. It also can change the way we look at ourselves. It can inspire us and impact our lives. Embracing new cultures and exploring […]

  • When I think about my travels, going as far back to family vacations growing up, I have fond memories of …food!
    There is something about traveling and food that go together, well, like peanut butter and […]

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    Yea, it’s hard to place just one at the top for me, St. Augustine beaches are beautiful & Pensacola Beaches are just stunning!!!

  • For me, part of the fun of being in the travel industry is learning about other people’s explorations.  VideoGlobetrotter is truly a labor of love. I have a fabulous team and we work with some of the nicest people […]