New year…new food

It’s the new year- a time when most people don’t want to even hear the word food. (Author’s note: If that’s you- you may want to skip today’s blog). I, on the other hand, am happy to talk or write about food or travel any time of the year. So today, I am writing about both. I was interviewed last year by TheBesty and asked to share my favorite restaurants and where they are in the world. It was fun to think about the restaurants; large and small I have visited. Each offers its own advantages and charm. Some have specialty dishes, others signature desserts and some are worth a visit just for the ambience. Here’s a link to my list:

I want to know yours. Where have you dined and enjoyed so much that you want to share? Maybe a great breakfast buffet? A local diner that you just love? An outdoor cafe? Let us know.

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