Pack your bags

Many years ago I booked a cruise with some friends.

My parents had an out of town guest coming to stay with them. They “suggested” to me that  their guest, who was double my age,  would enjoy the cruise, too. (Translation: my parents would enjoy not having their guest spend as many days with them) Long story short…guess who had a cabin mate with her on her “vacation”? I would really like to say that the story has a happy ending. It would be great to share that I learned so much from this woman and we became quick and close friends. That is not the case. She was sea sick most of the trip. She went to sleep even earlier than I did so I needed to be especially quiet when I came in to our pitch black cabin. She questioned me at length about ever one I met and spoke with on the cruise…and the list goes on. In fact, the only “good” I see that came out of it was it helped my parents. Have you ever traveled with someone you really did not want to have you join you? Please leave your comments here.  I would love to know.

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