Sounds like a plan

Ahh…summertime. Sandals, suntan lotion and for many of us, travel. Whether you are taking a weekend trip, family vacation or visiting friends and family, a great travel trip is plan ahead. Many families travel with kids in the summer. Planning ahead becomes even more important. Pack games and books to keep them busy for the plane or car ride. When you think games, think beyond videos games. Be creative. Have your kids find things that begin with “A” then “B” going down the alphabet. That is fun, creative and will keep them busy for a while. Remember to pack snacks. Snacks are an important way to help keep everyone’s moods in check and energy up. They also help pass the time. When it comes to planning, it is always a good idea to pack a quick first aid case with band-aids, aspirin, etc. Because many items are often more expensive in the hotel, pack suntan lotion and other items you think may be using so you do not pay extra for them at the hotel gift shop. Make a list of things to pack – everything from your phone charger to your toothbrush. You can check the items of as you put them in your suitcase. Planning ahead is always a good start to a great trip. What are some of your tips for travel planning?

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