Some things were meant to be done alone.

Some things were meant to be done alone. Do you think vacationing is one of them? Most of us don’t have the luxury of vacationing often, so when that time comes around we try to make it very special. That could mean time spent with the family, alone time with a significant other or time all to yourself. I know people who have vacation buddies who they travel with every year. My sister in law uses her vacation time for a girl’s getaway with her closest friends every year. Travel helps us learn about the world and also about ourselves. Traveling alone is a great opportunity to discover both. It also allows us to do things on our time, when and where we want. Traveling with others enables us to share the experience. What is your preference? Do you have a person or group of people you would like to travel with? Have you ever taken a vacation by yourself? I would love to know.

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