Time Flies!

I launched VideoGlobetrotter as an opportunity for people to see the world without lost luggage or jet lag.People tried to discourage me arguing that no one wants to see videos on line!

My vision was to create an online community where travel enthusiasts could come, discover, explore and share. Because travel is so visual, I thought travel videos are an engaging way to take in the world, learn, and look before you book (TM). What I didn’t know at the time was all the fabulous people I would meet as a result of VGT. Our travel partners- destinations, hotels and attractions worldwide that believed in us when we first began and continue to be such an important part of the site, and to me, are one of the best parts of my “job”. Thank you for the opportunity to work together. I have also connected with fantastic fans through social media. I enjoy “meeting” you and appreciate you sharing your stories. As we enter our ninth year, we are launching the third generation of VGT. How could it possibly be nine years? Time flies! That is a reminder that now is the time- the time to travel and see the world. If you can’t book that ticket just yet, we’ve got you covered. See the world virtually on VideoGlobetrotter. It is our hope you find it even more fun and exciting than before. There are lots of new features coming in 2017- stay tuned.

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