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About Greenland

Culturally, Greenland is characterized by the extreme conditions the population has lived under and the fantastic environment for human existence provided by nature. Life as sealers and hunters in small isolated communities is reflected in the language, music, myths, clothing, food, homes – everything has been developed from the materials available and with a frugality, ingenuity and impressive sense of strength, quality and simplicity. Much is history, but the cultural roots are strong and alive. A vibrant and dynamic culture is developing in line with and with respect for traditions and beliefs, leaving clear traces in the culture of today in all areas.

  1. Julie Lee says:

    I’m not sure if I could handle the cold either, but it might be worth visiting just to see the beauty of the land and to learn more about the people and how they live.

  2. Lisa Grassetti says:

    Just watched the video and Greenland sure is beautiful and they have every reason to be proud. I am not sure if I could stand that kind of cold lol I know my husky would love it!

  3. carol naes says:

    I would say I would love to go but it looks cold and I am surrounded by snow right now..maybe this will look better when it is 100 degrees this summer.

  4. accidental tourist says:

    I researched the Greenland Web Site after watching the video. Very interesting. Might be a fun trip to take one day. I didn’t understand the hotel rates. How much is a Danish Krona worth?

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