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About The Marianas

The Mariana Islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota are a chain of idyllic islands in the West Pacific, offering a friendly, fun and exciting vacation in paradise. They are an excellent destination for families, adventure and sports-minded travelers, as well as business people looking for a tropical haven.  Adventurous travelers from Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America and elsewhere looking for new travel discoveries will find them in The Marianas, just three hours travel from most cities in Japan, and four to five from other parts of Asia and Australia. The Northern Marianas are served daily from Tokyo-Narita in Japan by Delta Air Lines with seasonal flights by Asiana Airlines. From Korea, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Jin Air and Eastar Jet provide direct flights from Seoul-Incheon, and Asiana also provides service from Busan. From China, direct flight service from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong to Saipan are available. Philippine Airlines provides nonstop service from Manila to Saipan and connects with many cities in China and Southeast Asia. United Airlines has daily flight connections from six cities in Japan to Saipan with one stop. United States mainland connections can be made to Saipan via Tokyo-Narita, Seoul-Incheon or Guam. Visitors from Russia and Taiwan usually arrive via Seoul, Tokyo or Manila. Interisland travel is provided by United Express (Cape Air) and Star Marianas Air.  For more information on The Marianas, visit www.mymarianas.com.

http://www.mymarianas.com/  Saipan/English

http://www.mymarianas.co.kr/html/main/main.asp# Korea

http://japan.mymarianas.com/   Japan

http://www.mymarianas.cn/  China

http://www.mymarianas.ru/  Russia

http://www.mymarianas.com.tw/   Taiwan


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