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About Kansas

If you’re looking for new and exciting vacation adventures, then Kansas is the place you want to be. History buffs can explore the state’s legendary cowboy towns or visit Kansas’ countless museums, which celebrate the state’s pioneer, aviation, farming and Native American legacies. Outdoor enthusiasts will be happy to know that Kansas is still home on the range to the American bison, which can be viewed up close at two of the state’s wildlife refuges and along the highways in Western Kansas and the Flint Hills. And for nature lovers, Kansas is home to the largest remaining stand of tallgrass prairie in North America, providing a glimpse of what the continent looked like 200 years ago.


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  1. travelstar says:

    I have to admit, I love this part of our country. Not as fast paced. The praire is truly something to see. I ate a steak at one of the restaurants right in the stock yard area.. Now that was a Kansas City steak!

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