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About Maine

Maine is a place where a little side trip rewards you with something you never expected in a million years. A place where you can shed your skin and the ever-so-predictable confines of daily life. It’s refreshing to discover a place without limitations. You don’t need a map or detailed directions because your passengers will already be lost in the experience itself. Maine is filled with hidden treasures, paths that have yet to be discovered, and friendly unfamiliar faces. So embrace your undeniable right to be spontaneous and start planning your journey today.


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  1. accidental tourist says:

    Can’t beat the lobster and don’t forget the Haddock and scallops. I gained 5 pounds while I was on vacation. Its all good. Can’t wait to go again. Portland is a great city.

  2. travelstar says:

    My son went to summer camp in Maine. My wife and would visit every year ( 5) on parents weekend. Can’t beat the seafood and the scenery.

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