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About Durham, North Carolina

Durham is a colorful, creative, and entrepreneurial community that welcomes more than 6 million visitors each year. Located in the heart of North Carolina, Durham is a nexus for learning, achievement, creativity, research, and industry. An outstanding destination for good food, theater, art, and creativity, it is an open and welcoming community that is comfortable for all people. It is one of The 41 Places To Go (in the world) in 2011 according to the New York Times, and is the number one place in the US to retire according to CNN/Money Magazine. Come see for yourself why Durham is the place where great things happen.


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  1. Peyton Watson says:

    Speaking of learning and research, Durham is home to one of the great U.S. institutions of higher education; Duke University. Also, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is just a few miles away.

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