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About Beaumont, Texas

Beaumont, Texas is a fun-loving town that hangs its hat in southeast Texas, just minutes from the Louisiana border. Conveniently located near Houston and the Gulf of Mexico, it’s no wonder Beaumont has been a popular destination for savvy vacationers and event planners for more than a hundred years. With a rich history in the oil industry, Beaumont has been a major player in energy production for more than a century. Now that Beaumont’s attractions and amazing hotels have been discovered by travelers, the city is a popular vacation destination! It’s easy to see why when you learn about the great weather Beaumont enjoys thanks to its southern location. At the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau, we love sharing everything Beaumont has to offer! Our friendly staff is here to help you plan your getaway, meeting or event. Contact us today to find out why Beaumont is Texas… With a little something extra!

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