Video Globetrotter (VGT) is an all-inspiring new travel TV series launching this Fall on Lifetime TV!

Serving up travel through bold and vivid imagery, utilizing drones and state of the art digital equipment, VGT is shot and edited in a fun, fast paced authentic format in its purest and rawest form, from the unscripted perspective of the traveler that will capture the organic flavors and genuine essence of our beautiful planet.

Your host and tour guide Scott Eddy is a travel media personality and brand ambassador who visits exotic destinations all over the world to experience vibrant cultures, sample food and drinks from top restaurants and stay at award-winning hotels and resorts. As an influencer who boasts a social media following of more than 1.5 million, Eddy is the digital “go-to” guy for the travel industry. So, get ready for a glimpse of our amazing world through a different lens and travel with us as Scott takes you on a journey of a Lifetime!