Boston, Massachusetts and all of it’s seasons

My previous roommate, who has turned out to be one of my very best friends has moved to Boston officially in the end of 2016. She moved there in the fall of 2015 to contract on certain projects but was still back and forth between South Florida. Anyone who moves to a new city knows that it can be scary at first. She contacted me immediately and said I had to visit and experience this amazing city with her for the weekend. How could I say no to that? I immediately booked a flight – what better what to experience a new city then with your best friend? I flew up to Boston for the first time in October 2015. Boston is the place to be in the fall especially during the month of October. This town really goes all out for the fall season and of course for Halloween. How could they not? The whole town was filled with pumpkins, leaves and stories of American Histories past! The weather was absolutely amazing- a high of 60’s and low of 50’s… perfect walking weather and trust me when you visit Boston, you will be walking! No matter when you visit, this beautiful city- you will have a blast. The summers are warm with a hint of the Harbor breeze and the winters are…. well, cold. However, the city is still beautiful in its own way. Truly a winter wonderland. My last trip there was earlier this month (February) and there was a snow EVERYWHERE! The whole city was covered in white glistening snow. While it may have been just a little more difficult to walk around the city, it definitely was a site to see. No matter what season you decide to travel to Boston, Massachusetts in, I guarantee you will have an amazing time and you will go home with new and fun travel memories!

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