Can you spare some change?

So many people share with me how travel has changed the way they look at the world. It also can change the way we look at ourselves. It can inspire us and impact our lives. Embracing new cultures and exploring foreign lands gives a new perspective on life. Visiting different places and meeting new people helps us appreciate and understand different lifestyles. In essence, travel makes us more worldly.  But we don’t have to travel internationally to undergo this change. I still remember taking a school trip to the nearby Pennsylvania Amish Country. Even as a young school girl, experiencing the charm, warmth and tradition of the culture definitely impacted me.  Travel changes us because it introduces us to new people and new experiences. For me personally, the greatest changes I experienced as a result of traveling are the wonderful people I have met. Some I remain in contact with and some I have since lost touch with, but all have changed me in some way. Travel can change a person in many ways. It can give us an appreciation for what we have. It inspires us to go after what we don’t. It introduces us to new ideas, cultures, food and people. How has travel changed you?

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