Let Me Show You Around

I saw lots of blizzards and snow when I lived up north. Then I moved to a warm climate where the temperature dropping below 80 defines a cold winter and we can’t wear flip-flops. For me it was a good decision – Nothing wrong with palm trees. Ironically, I see more of my family and friends now than I did when we lived in the same state. Why? They visit to escape the winter weather. So basically for 6 months out of the year I have a new job: tour guide. It’s a volunteer job of course – no pay but great benefits. First, it allows me to spend quality time with family and friends. Second, I discover new places and things. Unlike most “real” tour guides I am not well versed on the history or background of the places we visit. But, also unlike most “real” tour guides – I usually provide bed, breakfast and transportation, so it works out just fine for my guests. I have friends who enjoy visiting museums- so when they are here we seek out local museums. I have other friends who enjoy a show at a local theatre. There’s some great talent here. Who knew there is so much to do and see locally? And to think, I was happy just to look at palm tress 🙂 Where do you like to take friends when they visit you?

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