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Muyuna Lodge, Perú


About Muyuna Lodge, Perú

Muyuna, 100% Peruvian lodge, is located far from the city, in primary rainforest.  140 kms (84 miles) upriver from Iquitos (about 3 hours by speed boat), makes us feel keen to GUARANTEE the observation of birds, monkeys, sloth, pink dolphins, piranhas, etc., in its own habitat.

We offer excursions in which the customers get the chance to observe, to explore, to learn and enjoy the diversity that rainforest has to offer. We also offer private tour for fishermen (especially peacock bass) and birdwatchers (especially wattled curassaw). Our 16 years of service and experience guarantee your satisfaction.

The Amazon River has been chosen recently as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. As well, Iquitos has been chosen, by the Lonely Planet, as one of the ten cities of the world that must be visited.



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  1. Have not been to Peru but when I do visit, will keep the Muyana Lodge on my radar and list of places to visit. Great Video! Thanks.

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