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About Poland

The storied cities enthrall you with their stunning architecture and fascinating history. Miles of sandy beaches provide a place to relax and let your troubles melt away. The crisp, pure air refreshes you. World class health spas heal and renew your body and your senses. Ancient forests filled with rare and endangered species delight your natural side. Centuries-old castles that feature authentic reenactments draw you in to a long forgotten era. Mouth-watering cuisine opens you up to a whole new world of culinary delights. Welcome to Poland, where you can enjoy whatever type of vacation appeals to you, or even several at once.


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  1. accidental tourist says:

    If you like history and appreciate culture Ploand is for you. I stayed for one week and was sorry to leave. Beautiful country and when you walk the streets of Warsaw you forget it is 2013.

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