Un Momento…

In my opinion, travel and shopping have a lot in common. Both can be adventures where you never know what you’ll find. They both offer a form of distraction, escape and relaxation. When you combine travel with shopping, well…what fun!! So many people make buying momentos a necessary part of their travel experience. Memories go hand in hand with travel. Taking home a souvenir is such a nice way to bring a piece of your travel back. It not only is a constant reminder of your travels, but it can also be a great conversation piece. I have friends who love to visit beach destinations and like to return with seashells that they display in their home. My aunt has an impressive collection of glass mugs from different countries she visited. How about you? Do you collect knick knacks? Tee shirts? Share your travel momentos.

  1. My husband and I collect salt & pepper shakers that represent each city in every country we have visited. Some of my favorites are from cities in Italy, Turkey & Greece. It was always challenging to find something that would represent the area but look nice as well but that was what made it so much fun!

    • You have visited some fabulous places!!! How special that you have reminders of your trips to those countries and cities.Sounds like you had fun not only traveling but selecting just the right memento to bring home!

  2. Kirsten says:

    We just got back from the San Juan Islands here in WA. We brought so much home! We visited the lavender fields so we bought bundles of lavender to split up and share with others. We bought a sweatshirt for our granddaughter and shirt for my husband..he bought a keychain which he is going to take apart and use the pieces for charms on my charm bracelet. It was a cool keychain that had things like the lighthouse, etc on it. And we brought shells, rocks and driftwood home for the yard. Add to that a beautiful windchime that I can look at and listen to all the time. We have slacked off on the shirts quite a bit and started picking up pieces of art from our travels. I bought a beautiful print from Roche Harbor to frame and my daughter got a smaller one for her room. We have a pair from Cannon Beach in Oregon, one from SF, one from Santa Rosa, CA and one from Seattle. Another thing is my husband made me a shadow box with mementos from a trip to NYC that I took with a girlfriend: it has menus, booklet from a Broadway play we saw, the tickets, etc. And I have a charm bracelet my husband put together with charms from our Alaskan cruise. And I have a gorgeous musical snowglobe from the Seattle Space Needle. There are a ton of ways to remember trips. From free to more expensive, they are out there.

  3. busyVAmom says:

    We just got back from Universal Orlando. The rule for my kids is that they have to pick something that they can’t get anywhere else that will help them remember the trip. My 6 year old was super hooked on the wands from Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter section. As a matter of fact, all three of my kids & I got at least something small from Harry Potter. It was truly amazing there!

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