It’s a Secret

Last week my friend invited me to lunch. “Sure” I said. ”Where would you like to go?”  She responded her “secret spot.”  Secret spot? Sounded so mysterious. I thought maybe she had something personal to share and she wanted some privacy. Then she showed me a picture she had taken last time she was there. All I saw was a lake and a barn. The next day we packed lunches and headed to her secret location. It is a secluded  part of a public park. She told me she goes there when she wants to relax and clear her head. I can see why she likes it.  We were the only ones there. This hidden gem was a nature lover’s paradise. We saw beautiful birds, trees ,flowers, butterflies and even a few horses. We barely spoke. We just enjoyed the calming  peace and quiet. This “secret” place is just minutes away from our office. No passport needed. Do you have any hidden gems that you have found? Maybe a great family getaway? A spa? A quiet bench in the park? A great restaurant where the word hasn’t quite gotten out yet? Share your secret with us. We’d love to know.

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