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There’s a saying that travel turns people into storytellers.

I recently visited a relative who is in her eighties. She was feeling down and didn’t feel much like talking. Something prompted me to ask her about a trip she took as a child. Suddenly she came to life. The happy expression in her face and joy in her voice lit up the room as she reminisced about her travels. She laughed as she told the stories and got out a photo album (black and white) sharing ┬áthose memories with me.

There’s something about travel that brings out the story teller in all of us. To me, it’s just as much fun listening to someone’s travel story as it is to share my own.

With that in mind, tell us about YOUR travels. Whether you compose a story for our “You Share” section, or leave a post somewhere else on the site, we want to hear from you. – Jill

  1. Victoria Lester says:

    I just learned of this site and it is very helpful. I hope I get to share a story of my Disney travels. I enjoy your site as it gives loads of info on different places to visit and where to go and what to see.

  2. busyVAmom says:

    Loved this post. It reminded me of my Grandpa’s war stories. He never really talked about being in the war, but about beer gardens and girls and having to peel potatoes. I miss those stories.

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