Word Up!

I have a dear friend who loves to say the word ciao. He is not Italian. Heck, he’s never been to Europe, but he uses the word as if he lived in Venice his whole life. I started thinking about how so many of us , myself included, have come to embrace certain “foreign” words  and phrases.  I have a former coworker who called just about everyone he knew amigo. I think it was just easier for him than trying to remember people’s names. I once sat next to a gentleman on the plane who repeatedly said “au contraire” disagreeing with just about everything I had to say (that was a very long plane ride home). My fashionista friend Krystal has been known to work a French word into some conversations here and there.  She’s so posh or should I say Au courant.  I do not know chic French words. I have, however been known to say gesundheit. Oh well, C’est la vie.

  1. Julie Lee says:

    Haha I think we all do it without really thinking about it. I also always say “gesundheit.” I will say “Voila!” after I’ve finished making something, whether it be food or some craft item. I say “Si” instead of yes just for the heck of it. And I like to say “prix fixe” only because I’m always looking at menus trying to find the next best thing to eat!

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